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Lets have fireworks! Wow, that’s a great idea. Who doesn’t love fireworks? The enchantment they add to Weddings, Fund Raisers and Balls, just can’t be beaten. However once the excitement dies down and you have volunteered to choose a firework display company, where do you start?

  • 1. Safety, safety, safety. There I have said it 3 times because it truly is that important. As beautiful as fireworks are, they are also explosives. When you are working with an upmarket venue for a wedding or corporate event, their preferred supplier is usually professionally certified. However if you are organising a PTA fundraiser or charity event be sure to check safety certification and liability insurance.

All Star Fireworks display teams are trained to BPA (British Pyrotechnists Association ) accreditation. Display directors Andy and Sean are certified by the BPA as senior firers and are also members of the Institute of Explosive Engineers. They carry £10 million in public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

  • 2. When you first contact a display company, look for companies that discuss your site plan and ideas in depth before quoting your event? Companies that give you an instant quote are probably shooting from the hip and should be avoided at all costs. Not all sites are safe or suitable for fireworks displays. Professional firework companies are incredibly detail orientated and safety conscious. If you feel you are being rushed into signing a contract that can also be a bad sign. Deliberate and detailed is the firework code.

Star Fireworks are experts at analysing your site and helping you create a safe, spectacular event. Their experience with working with local councils and writing detailed risk assessments takes the worry off your shoulders. They will often see solutions you have not considered, such as firing from barges or off the roof of buildings. As the resident fireworks company since 2002 on the set of Big Brother you can trust their theatrical experience to create a thrilling event.

  • 3. Do they have a good reputation in your community? Have you heard about their displays from friends and neighbours. This can be far more important than the price quoted for the display. Let’s face it, in life you generally get what you pay for. Hair cuts, pizza, even lawn care might be places you can cut corners. Firework displays unfortunately are not. Friends, family and customers will be extremely vocal when they are expecting WOW and receive fizzle.

Star Fireworks have an outstanding reputation. In 2015 they received the Bracknell Business of the year award and they are the reigning British Fireworks Champion of Champions. They have been delivering exceptional firework displays in Berkshire for over 30 years. Their Guy Fawkes Night and Hogmanay firework displays are enjoyed at events all over the UK. True to their roots they still work with schools and charities that have smaller budgets. They also offer the best, value priced wedding packages of any certified firework company.

  • 4. Who gives the biggest bang for the buck. While we acknowledge that price should not be the the deciding factor when choosing a fireworks display company, we all have to work within our budget. Plus nothing takes the joy out of an event more than discovering you have paid too much for it.

Star Fireworks have been retained year after year by school PTA’s, charities, festivals and wedding venues. The reason for their success is their commitment to producing blockbuster shows at the fairest possible price. Star Fireworks wedding shows compete and often beat the price of firework display companies all over the UK. All without sacrificing quality.

  • 5. Do they have the technology to live up to your expectations? Creating large, impressive fireworks displays require a range of multi media elements. Lasers, audio, lighting projection, searchlights and special effects all go into creating todays cutting edge displays.

Star Fireworks have fired shows for the biggest names in show business. The Rolling Stones and Red Hot Chili Peppers to name a few. Star Fireworks use FireOne, the worlds most advanced digital firing system. Our director Andy is one of only a few firework professionals in the UK who trained in the USA and are certified to a ‘master’ level on the FireOne computer fireworks firing system. Christmas light shows in Bracknell and Derry are enhanced by Star Fireworks huge outdoor snow machines, laser projections and biodegradable confetti.

Andy and Sean travel to seminars from the USA to Japan ensuring they are on top of the latest technology. What ever the size of show, bringing your firework dreams to life is their passion.

For more information on Star Fireworks Display Company visit or call 0800 7810511

22nd May 2017 Cristina Martucci

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